About us

We are two teachers, with a combined 20 years of teaching experience across four countries and two continents, that have a passion for helping students reach their full potential when learning a second or third language.

We understand that students learn best when they’re having fun, which is why we’ve developed a system of dynamic and engaging class delivery that promotes practice through games and speaking activities and encourages students to feel confident enough to participate and actually enjoy using another language.

We want to bring this unique service to Lekeitio in our new English Centre with classrooms that have been designed to offer a clutter-free, comfortable environment with all the necessary technology and resources.

Our classes will focus on the four main aspects of language – speaking, listening, reading and writing – with a focus on building the students’ confidence in communicating and preparation for Cambridge exams.


  • Classes for young children (8-12)
  • General English with exam preparation (teenagers and adults)
  • Conversation classes (adults)
  • Intensive exam preparation (teenagers and adults)
  • 1-on-1 classes (All ages)
  • Business classes for companies
  • Translations
  • Help writing an English CV and cover letter